How can we improve Zappiti?

I almost became a customer

It conveys a very very bad picture if the support number is not occupied. Actually a disaster. Then you'd rather buy somewhere


I was not able to contact Zappiti Germany.

My Post to Kontakt Germany:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

well, for quite some time now I have been thinking about buying the Zappiti Mediaplayer One SE 4K.
Since I buy a lot from Amazon, an order there would have been my first choice.
Unfortunately the product is not offered there, only the One 4K version.
However from a Spanish seller. This is out of the question, because I don't have the time or the desire to deal with Spanish


So I searched in their dealer area. For the Stuttgart area there are probably 2 dealers. But on their homepage I can't find the

product either, only a superficial description, and without price.

So I thought I'd call the German office of Zappiti directly to get help (I just want to buy their product).
So I called the number 0421-380 39 630 several times, again and again. Unfortunately nobody answers under this number. The phone

doesn't seem to be busy. There is also no possibility to leave a voice message. You even describe this number as a support

number. So for the case that there should be problems with your product.
Well then, cheers, meal! Then the customer is beautifully smeared.

I have made this a habit of contacting the support service of the respective company before buying a product in order to avoid

unpleasant surprises.
In this case, I was probably successful.

Too bad actually. I would have liked the product. I will now take a look elsewhere.
Zappiti Germany doesn't seem to have too much interest in selling the products either.

Greeting Sascha

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  • Markus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hallo Sascha,

    also Heimkinopartner und Zapitti Deutschland sind ein und der selbe Händler (zumindest ins Bremen - Hauptsitz) Heimkinopartner ist vielerort in Deutschland aber genauso für den Support des Player da.

    Was die Erreichbarkeit angeht, so gebe ich dir recht, habe selbst 2 Tage gebraucht.
    Mal Vormittags 10 Uhr / Mittags 14 Uhr angerufen bis ich jemanden am Telefon hatte. Dafür waren die Mitarbeiter aber sehr Kompetent.

    Habe den Duo jetzt sein 1 Jahr im Einsatz und kann diesen nur Empfehlen.

    Vielleicht hilft dir das einwenig.


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