How to Configure Zappiti Media Control on iOS

In Zappiti Media Center, go in Settings > Account.
Check the toggle "Activate the synchronization".

Then, let Zappiti Media Center uploads the needed informations to create your collection on the Cloud.
This process might be very long the first time.

When the sync is completed, try to connect with the "Zappiti Media Control" app on your iPad/iPhone.

Use the same email and password than on Zappiti Media Center on your computer.
The app should announce that it will download your informations.

So, you might be able to access to the settings on Zappiti Media Control by clicking on the gears icone.
Choose "Add a new player" and enter the IP address and a name ("living room" by instance).
Finally click on "Add" button.

Note : if your are not able to see your movies, right after a sync, it's maybe because the picture generation on the cloud is not finished. Please try again later.

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