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How to activate the DLNA SERVER

You can access your Zappiti player from a TV, a computer or a game thanks to the Mini DLNA server through the Open WRT interface.

To activate the MiniDLNA Server, please follow this procedure:

1. On the Home Page, press the "Settings" icon(or press the green button on the remote control) .

2.Go to the Wireless and Network section and click on the "Plus" Button under the "Bluetooth" button.

3.In the "Plus" section click on the "Openwrt settings" .

4.On this page "Openwrt settings", click on the last button on the bottom called "Advanced settings".

Attention! You will need a mouse for the next step.To activate the "mouse mode" you need to press the mouse button on the remote, then use the cursor buttons to navigate the mouse.

5.You will be re directed to a web page called  "Authorization Required". The field  "Username" must be filled with  "root". The field "Password" is empty by default.
Then re-activate the "Mouse mode" and click on the "Login" Button.
Note: You may customize the password but Do not forget it otherwise you will not be able to recover it and you will loose all the Sever functions of the player.

6.With the mouse, click on the "NAS Services" on the upper bar. With the browser, click on the first lign called' DLNA".

7. Inside the page "miniDLNA", in the "miniDLNA Settings" section, first thumb (General Settings) , tick the case "Enable" .

8.Then, de-activate the "mouse mode", scroll down with the "down" cursor on the remote to the bottom. Re-activate the "mouse mode" and click on the  "Save & Apply"  button.

Congratulations!! Your DLNA Server is activated! You can now access to the content of your Hard Drives connected to your Zappiti 4K HDR via DLNA from a TV or any other DLNA compatible devices. For Windows, launch the "Windows Media Player". Then click on OpenWrt DLNA Server and select the desired media (Music, Videos, Pictures, Recordings).

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