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[Remote] How to Control My Zappiti Media Player Using Zappiti Video Control

In order to control your Zappiti Player with the virtual remote of Zappiti Video Control, and organize your movie library, please follow these steps :

1. Check if Zappiti Service is already installed on your Zappiti Player. If you updated your Zappiti Media Center with the newest version, this verification is automatic and it should propose you to download the service if needed. Accept to start the download of the app. 

2. Install the newest version of Zappiti Media Video on your tablet or your phone.
You can get the app from the Play Store (Android) or from the App Store (iOS).
If you can't find the application in the Play Store (Android), it's probably because your phone or tablet is not compatible.
In this case we invite you to follow the procedure in this article: Install Zappiti Video Control on a Android device not compatible.

3. Be sure your phone or tablet is connected by Wi-Fi on your local network.

4. Launch the app Zappiti Media Control.

5. The icon "remote" allows you to access the virtual remote.

6. The scroll list lets you choose the Zappiti Player you want to control.

At this point, you should be able to control your device.
If you need help, please contact us by using the online user support here:

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