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[Seamless Branching] How to Remux a BD ISO to M2TS (Audio Drop-Out, Incorrect Video Sequence...)

There are some cases (Seamless Branching) where when we launch the movie, featurettes will start or the movie will be stopped by commentaries etc.... which makes it impossible to watch the movie because the movie is cut in many small parts that cannot be played in the correct order on some titles. The Seamless Branching can also generate some audio drop-out issues when the player jumps to the next part, especially when using direct access functions (almost no issue when playing the movie from the beginning).

There is a simple way to prevent that by using 3 Free softwares:
  • BD Info:
  • Virtual Clone Drive:

Download and install the 3 of them.

Please follow carefully the procedure :

Choose the .iso file to mount:

You can now open "BD INFO" then click on "Browse" in order to choose the file to analyze. Always choose the folder "BDMV" and click on OK.

Here is the result:
As you may notice, the 00200 Playlist is longer than the movie which lasts 2H26 and this is why the playback of the movie is cut with interviews or featurettes.
The correct PLAYLIST is 00100.MPLS
We have to remember it for the next step

You can now open TS MUXER GUI and Click on "ADD" on the upper right

You have to find the file to MUX

Select the "BDMV" Folder

Select the "PLAYLIST" Folder

Choose the correct Playlist found with "BD INFO" (00100.MPLS)

Here is your detailed file and you can now remove the Audio tracks or subtitles that you don't need by unchecking the left column.
Attention in our case, uncheck the low definition file in line 1, we will only take the HD file on line 2.
This is a peculiar case, most of the files will only have HD video tracks.

Now you can check "MT2S muxing" then name and choose the right output folder in the "OUTPUT" section.

Validate by pressing "START MUXING" and your file will be ready to watch in few minutes.

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