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How to Become a Beta Tester

If you want to become a beta tester, please follow this steps:

  • On the upper right, click on Sign in button (1) to login with your Zappiti account (email previously used to create your Zappiti account).
  • Then, when you'll be connected, click on the tab "Beta" (2). 
  • Among all the beta versions, change the channels as you want.

Zappiti Music (New !) for Zappiti media player (4K or 4K HDR)

You can now download Zappiti Music (beta) for your Zappiti media player (4K or 4K HDR models only).
To do this, please follow the general instructions above.
Then select Beta for Zappiti Music as following:

After that, your Zappiti media player will download the Zappiti Music app automatically in background, and will suggest you to install it as soon as the download is complete (it may take some minutes).

If you have followed the procedure but your media player does not offer the installation, you can force the download as follows:
- Make sure you have installed the update of Zappiti Service v1.0.9.
- Open the application Zappiti Service.
- After 10 minutes, your reader should offer you the update.

If you need help, feel free to ask us.  

iOS version of Zappiti Music Control (iPhone and iPad):

Your registration will be effective at the reception of an email confirming that you are part of the iOS beta groups.
It can take several hours, or even several days, before your registration is validated. You will receive a message with the full procedure.

Thank you very much for the time you will spend helping us!  

Android version of Zappiti Music Control (smartphones and tablets):

You can directly download Zappiti Music Control through the GooglePlay from your Android smartphone or tablet:

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