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[Video] Set 23,976p for a 3D>2D conversion instead of 60p

The Zappiti 4K HDR offers an option to convert 3D to 2D. Nevertheless, this function has the disadvantage of displaying the final result in 60p. To watch the converted film in 24p (23.976p), there is a solution:

1. On the Zappiti player's home page, click the "Settings" button.

2. In the Developer Settings menu, enable the YST Mode option (may also be referred to as "Ignore HDMI EDID").

3. Return to the General settings page by pressing the BACK button on your Zappiti remote.

4. Enter the TV Display menu.

5. In HDMI Output, select a resolution in 23Hz as follows:
- If your TV is 4K compatible, please select "3840x2160 @ 23Hz" mode.
- If your TV is  not compatible with 4K resolution, please select "1920x1080 @ 23Hz" mode.

Note : the auto-framerate will remain active.

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