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[Video] Avoid the 5 sec Black Screen When Lauching Movie Playback

The Zappiti 4K HDR's automatic resolution mode is set to 60Hz by default to quickly display the Zappiti GUI (smooth scrolling of covers). But some TVs or projectors are very long to go from 60p to 24p. So you can see a black screen for one or more seconds (up to 10 seconds on some projectors such as Epson or JVC). To work around this problem, you can configure the Zappiti GUI in 23.976 Hz (frequency used in movies). This is due to the frequency shift that can be more or less fast depending on the TVs or projectors. Using this trick, the projector or TV will no longer switch from 60 Hz to 23 976 Hz when you play a movie.

To solve this problem, we have developed an alternative version of Zappiti Service to force the resolution and frequency of the Zappiti interface in 1080p 23.976 Hz.

Warning! This trick can only work correctly on movies encoded in 1080p resolution at a frequency of 23.976 Hz (which represents 80% of the movie files). This will not work in 4K because the projector or TV will need to switch from SDR mode to HDR mode anyway.

Installation and configuration procedure

1. Switch ON your Zappiti. 

2. On the home page, go to My Apps > Service  


4. Go to the second vertical tab illustrated by TV icon.

5. In "Force Resolution", choose 1080p @ 23.976 Hz. Then click the buttons below to apply the resolution. Then validate.

6. Go to "Direct Output" tab, then activate the Direct Output mode.

7. If you are using a 1080p TV, turn OFF 4K and UHD resolutions. If you have a 4K or UHD TV, turn OFF the SD resolutions 480/576i and 480/576p.

8. Quit Zappiti Service and enjoy your movies.

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