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[Identification] Insert a Video Without Identifying

The "personal" media

If you want to add a media that is not identifiable or does not have a TMDb ID, such as a family movie etc., please follow this procedure :
  1. Place your media in a folder of type declared in Zappiti as a movies folder.
  2. Then during the scan, the media can not be identified, it will go in "X elements to identify" option in the Zappiti MENU.
  3. To access this option, press MENU of your Zappiti RC. Then, from this window, you will be able to select "Add without identifying". The item will then be inserted into the collection among your movies.
  4. You can edit this item to fill it information (year, title, synopsis, category, etc.) from the "Edit ..." option in the MENU, and you will be able to add a personnal cover and a wallpaper (only possible from Zappiti Media Center Windows).

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