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[iOS] URI Command Back to App

If you have a universal control app such as AMX, Crestron, RTI, or Savant, you can use this command to lauch the Zappiti App. This command will display a new Back to App button in the Zappiti App with the logo of your brand.


zmc4kremote://?source=savant:// (to be released soon) 

zmc4kremote://?source=control4:// (to be released soon)

zmc4kremote://?source=creston:// (to be released soon)

Universal command (should works with any brand such as AMX)


Note: With urivalide:// the command back to app will works but the button will be generic (double left arrow icon) and will not show the logo of your universal system (RTI, Control4...).

The zmc4kremote:// command is a simple link to Zappiti App without back button.

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