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[Network] Fix IP Address Of the Zappiti 4K HDR

To manually set a fixed IP address on the Zappiti 4K HDR, there are 2 solutions.

Via the router.
In your router, you can manually assign an IP address to the Zappiti 4K HDR by declaring its MAC address. This is located in Settings / About.

Via the Zappiti 4K HDR media player.
1. Turn on your Zappiti 4K HDR.
2. Press the GREEN button on the remote control to access the SETTINGS.
3. Go to Ethernet Configuration. Please note the IP address assigned by your router that appears in the IP Address field.
4. Then go to Advanced Setup.
5. In the Advanced Configuration panel, press the "Mouse" button of your RC. Move the cursor with the directional arrow buttons on your Zappiti remote.
6. Move the cursor and uncheck the DHCP check box using the virtual mouse to switch to FIXED IP.
6. Click in the IP Address input field and enter the IP address you previously noted.
7. The Network prefix lenght field must be entered with a 1 or 2-digit number. This number may vary depending on the value of your Netmask address. The most common value is 24. It is a Netmask (Subnet Mask) with a value of
To precisely determine the value of the network prefix, please refer to the table below:
8. Next, enter the Gateway and DNS Server ​​1 (the  DNS Server 2 is optionnal). You can easily find these values ​​in the Network property panel on your computer. These values ​​are used for Internet access.
You can also find this information by using a DOS command.
- Open the DOS prompt:
start-> all programs-> accessories-> DOS prompt. (or WINDOW button + "cmd")
- Then type: ipconfig / all
9. Press the MOUSE button on your remote control again to remove the virtual mouse cursor.
10. Finally, click OK to validate the entered information.

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