[Win a Zappiti Skin] How to Get a Zappiti Silver Template For Free ?

he silver theme is usually sold at a price of 4.99 €.
To get it for free, just follow the steps here below:

If you are satisfied with your Zappiti NAS Rip and our free online user support and would like to encourage our brand, we invite you to leave a comment and a rating about your Zappiti product.

1. Go to the Zappiti Store site and click on your product. Then, write a review by clicking on the dedicated button:


2. Then, copy your comment and copy it in an email to the following address:

3. In the subject of the email, enter "Zappiti 4K HDR Review".

4. In the body of the email, specify the email address of your Zappiti account so that we can activate the silver theme on your account.

5. Send the email.

After verifying your comment (a comment already used can not be considered in our offer), your silver theme will be activated.

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