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[RC] Zappiti 4K HDR Remote Control General Presentation

1. POWER: Toggle power ON/OFF.
2. POWER ON: Power ON.
3. ZOOM: Zoom in/out (overscan).
4. DELETE: Delete the previous item/character.
5. POWER OFF: Power OFF.
6. ASP. RATIO: Switch the Aspect Ratio.
7. DIMMER: Toggle Front LED ON/OF F.
8. 3D: Toggle 3D ON/OF F .
9. PREV: Go to the previous chapter.
10. PLAY/PAUSE: Start/Pause playback.
11. NEXT: Go to the next chapter.
12. ZAPPITI: Zappiti Media Center shortcut.
13. REPEAT: Repeat playback.
14. EXPLORER: Zappiti Explorer shortcut.
15-18. COLOR BUTTONS: Various shortcuts.
RED: for future function / GREEN: Settings / YELLOW: HDMI IN / BLUE: Firmware update page.
19. HOME: Go to main menu.
20. MOUSE: Switch to the virtual mouse mode.
21. MENU: Show/hide the pop-up menu.
22. BACK: Return to the previous menu or mode. Stop the video playback. 
23-26. LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS: Access to +/- 1 min. UP / DOWN: Advance / Fast Rewind.
27. OK: Enter or validate the current item.
28-29. VOLUME +/-: Increase/Decrease volume.
30. INFO: Show/hide the pop-up info.
31-32. PAGE+/-: Access to +/- 10 sec.
33. MUTE: Mute audio.
34. NUMBER Buttons:
 - 1-9: direct playback access to 10 - 90%.
 - 0: Restart the playback from the beginning.
35. SUBTITLE: Subtitle switch/settings.
36. AUDIO: Audio track switch.  

To use the programming buttons, please read the following section:

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR RC

1. LIGHT: Turn on the backlight of the remote control. 
2. POWER: Toggle power ON/OFF. 
3. TV SECTION: Programmable buttons to control TV or other external device; For more info, please refer to the previous page. 
4-5. POWER ON/OFF: Discrete power ON/OFF. 
6. DIMMER: Toggle front LED ON/OFF. 
7. DELETE: Delete / Change home template. 
8-9. PREV/NEXT: Go to the previous/next chapter. 
10. ZOOM: Zoom In / Out (overscan). 
11-12. -60/+60:Timeline navigation (-/+ 60 sec.). 
13-14. -10/+10:Timeline navigation (-/+ 10 sec.). 
15. 3D: Toggle 3D mode (2D / 3D). 
16. ASP. RATIO: Switch the Aspect Ratio. 
17. STOP: Stop video playback. 
18. PLAY/PAUSE: Start / Pause playback. 
19-20. UP: Fast forward. DOWN: Fast backward. 
21-22. LEFT/RIGHT:Timeline navigation (-/+1 min). 
23. HOME: Go to Main Menu (Home Page). 
24. MOUSE: Switch to the virtual mouse mode. 
25. MENU: Show / Hide the pop-up menu. 
26. BACK: Return or Stop playback. 
19-22. ARROWS: Navigate menu selection. 
27. OK: Enter or validate the current item. 
28-29. VOLUME +/-: Increase / Decrease volume. 
30. REPEAT: Repeat playback (file, all, off). 
31. INFO: Show / Hide the pop-up info (properties). 
32-33. PAGE+/-: Timeline navigation (+/-10 sec). 
34. ZAPPITI: Zappiti Video shortcut. 
35. MUTE: Mute audio. 
36. EXPLORER: Zappiti Explorer shortcut. 
37. NUMBER Buttons: 
 - 1-9: direct access to 10 -90% (video playback or movie list). 
 - 0: Restart from the beginning (video playback or movie list). 
38. SUBTITLE: Subtitle switch. 39. AUDIO: Audio track switch. 
40. RED (A): For future function. 
41. GREEN (B): Shortcut to Android Settings. 
42. YELLOW (C):Shortcut to HDMI IN Recording page. 
43. BLUE (D): Shortcut to Firmware Upgrade page.  

Using the Remote Control 

When using the remote control, the front window of the remote control should be pointed to the infrared sensor on the front panel within an angle of ±60° and a range of about 26 ft. 

Please use alkaline batteries. Please observe polarity when inserting batteries.  

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