[Video settings] Image too contrasted (black too dark and burned white)

On the firmware 3.08, the luminance range is set by default in 0-255 (PC level) instead of 16-255 (Video level). 
To have perfect contrast, you have to set your front projector or your TV in PC Level instead of Video Level.
If the HDMI Dynamic Range setting of your TV or front projector is not set correctly, light and dark parts of the video may appear too light or too dark.  

This settings can be named differently, such as:
- Black Level
- Dynamic Range
- Level settigns
- Video range

1. Press the SETUP button of the RC.
2. Go to Picture / Picture Mode Settings / Picture Options
3. Then, set the Black Level to High

Sony TV
Go to: Settings / Display / Video Input Settings.
There are 2 settings:
1) Video color space (x.v.colour): set the inputs to AUTO
2) Dynamic range: set the inputs to AUTO

Sony Front Projector
Go to: Settings / Dynamic Range
Set the Dynamic Range to AUTO. If it does not solve the issue, force it in FULL.

Sony VPL-VW95ES proiector and older models
On Sony VPL-VW95ES and older models, there is no manual settings. The auto detection works well but only on RGB HDMI input. So, in the Zappiti, go to Settings / Developer options / Color Space > then select RGB 4:4:4 option instead of Y'CbCr.

On Epson laser projectors, and Samsung TVs, and many other TVs and projecteurs there is nothing to set. It is fully auto.

If your picture is still too contrasted (black too dark and burned white), we invite you to install back the previous firmware 3.07 until we will fix this in the next firmware.

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