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[RC] The RC Does Not Control Well the Zappiti 4K HDR

The Zappiti's remote control has been designed to operate up to 8m away. For the remote control to work well to several meters, it is essential to remove the protective film placed on the Z on the front panel of your Zappiti 4K HDR. If your Zappiti is placed behind you and you have a projection screen or white wall, be aware that white acts as a mirror effect for infrared signals. So in this way, you can control your Zappiti by pointing your RC to the white wall that will miror the IR to your Zappiti. To do that, please place your Zappiti straight front to your white wall.

As the frequency bands are limited in number, it may happen that it interferes with the IR signals of another device that uses frequency bands. If you use an OPPO pBD layer, you can change the IR frequency via the dedicated switch located under the battery compartment. You can find this kind of selector on high-end devices. You can also control your Zappiti via IP control using Zappiti Media Control 4K app on smartphone or tablet or via the application dedicated to the virtual remote control from MyApps.

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