[HDD] Recommended HDD Models to Use With Zappiti 4K HDR

Some HDDs dedicated for specific applications are not compatible or not work well with media players.

Recommanded HDD models for all Zappiti 4K HDR use
WD BLUE (up to 6 TB) - less noisy than bigger drives
WD GREEN (up to 6 TB) - old models, not available anymore
SEAGATE SkyHawk™ (all models)
SEAGATE SkyHawk AI (all models)
SEAGATE Exos™ (all models) ) > In SATA only (SAS models not compatibles)
SEAGATE Archive HDD (up to 8 TB) - old models, not available anymore 
SAMSUNG SSD (up to 4 TB)

Compatible only with the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR (not compatible with other Zappiti 4K HDR models)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ (all models)   
WD RED (all models)
WD RED PRO (all models) 

Not recommanded
WD GOLD (all models)
WD PURPLE (new models - problems to insert in the Zappiti rack) 
SAMSUNG (all models)
HITACHI (all models)

Not compatible
WD RED (all models) 
WD BLACK (all models)  
SEAGATE NAS Series (IronWolf™)
SEAGATE Baracuda (up to 14 TB)  

Recommanded HDD models for Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition use 
WD RED (all models)
WD RED PRO (all models)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ (all models)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ PRO (all models)

The HDDs saled on Zappiti Store are pre-formatted in NTFS. They can be formatted in ExFAT (compatible both Mac/PC) or MAC OS on demand:

WARNING! Most online stores sell unformatted hard drives!

Zappiti 4K HDR [EN]

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