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[Apps] Install YouTube 4K (Set-Top Box Version)

How to install YouTube (4K Set-top box version) procedure:

1. On the home page, please click on MyApps.
Then click on AptoideTV app to launch it.

2. In the search engine, write "youtube".

3. Then, click on Smart YouTube TV.

4. Click on INSTALL button.

5. Select "Autoframerate" and then, click on 4K: alt version.

6. On the window, click on ALLOW button.

7. Then, click on GET CROSSWALK.

8. Please click on INSTALL button.

9. After the installation, click on OPEN button to launch the YouTube app. Then, click on the search engine and write "4K".

10. Then, click on SEARCH or 4k video ultra hd movies and you'll see a list of 4K movies.

11. Click on the 4K movie of your choice to display it. If your display is 4K compatible and if your Internet connexion is good enough, the 4K / UHD contents will be displayed in UHD resolution.

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