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[Network] Create a Windows Shared Folder to be Visible on Zappiti

This tutorial simply explains how to create a shared folder on Windows so that Zappiti Media Center can analyze it:

In 90% of cases, the folder is created, but it is the firewall or antivirus installed on the computer generate some issues. In case of difficulty, we advise to temporarily disable your firewall and your antivirus to check if the problem does not come from there.

1) Select a folder to share

2) Right click on the folder, then: Properties -> Advanced Sharing -> Share this folder -> Permissions

Check the following permissions:
- Full Control
- Change
- Read

Then click on Apply.

Then, click to OK.

3) Now, let's set who can access the shared file.

You can enable sharing for everyone. But in this case, no password will be required in Zappiti.

Otherwise, if the file is accessible only for a specific user, it will be necessary to specify his username and password in Zappiti.

Be careful, the username must be the same name as your Windows profile name, not the email of your Microsoft account.

To get your Windows profile name, go to C:\Users and note the folder name for your Windows profile name.

Your folder is shared and visible in Zappiti.

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