[Network] Can't Access to a Windows Folder

If an error occurs when you try to access a Windows folder even with correct credentials, here are some steps to check:
  • The folder must be shared on the local network. You can read this article : Share a folder
  • The Windows account used must be a local one. Windows allows users to use a local or Microsoft account. But the latter (with email) doesn't work. You can switch between them from your Windows account settings.
  •   Is there an application or software such as "firewall" or antivirus or other that could restrict communication between devices ? 

If after all these steps, you can't still access your folder from your Player, you can contact the Support and indicate us which Windows version you are using.

Zappiti Video [EN]

  1. Summary
  2. Zappiti Video: Quick Start Guide (Full Process)
  3. [Account] Create a Zappiti Account
  4. [Account] Connect Using an Existing Zappiti Account
  5. [Account] Reset Your Password
  6. [Account] Zappiti Cloud or Zappiti Server?
  7. [Collection] Create a Movie Collection
  8. [Collection] Import Your Collection From the Cloud to a Local Server
  9. [Collection] Switch Quickly From One Collection to Another
  10. [Collection] Delete a Collection
  11. [Homepage] Use the New Home Page Zappiti Video
  12. [Homepage] List of Modules and Operation
  13. [Homepage] Go Back to the Old Home Page
  14. [Identification] Films Not Identified by Zappiti. How to identify it
  15. [Identification] When a Movie is Incorrect, How to Identity It Again
  16. [Identification] Insert a Video Without Identifying
  17. [identification] Edit Associated Categories
  18. [Identification] Identify UHD, 4K and 3D Files
  19. [Identification] Auto Exclude Keywords From the Movie Names for Better Identification
  20. [Identification] Update Your Folders' Credentials
  21. [Identification] Choose Your Language of Identification
  22. [Identification] Add Special Episodes
  23. [Images] Use Your Own Poster/Backgrounds
  24. [Images] Zappiti Db Community: How to Share your Movie Covers and Fanarts
  25. [Zappiti Soundtrack] Use Zappiti Soundtrack Editor
  26. [Subtitle] Download Subtitles
  27. [Account] Release a Zappiti 4K Token ?
  28. [Configuration] Set Zappiti Video on Start-up
  29. [Offile Mode] Create an Offline Movie Collection for Zappiti Media Player
  30. [Network] Create a Windows Shared Folder to be Visible on Zappiti
  31. [Network] SMB1 Protocol on Windows 10
  32. [Network] Can't Access to a Windows Folder
  33. [Sorting] Manage the Articles Used For the Video Sorting
  34. [Parental Control] Add a Film in Child Mode
  35. [Parental Control] Reset the Pin CODE
  36. [Parental Control] Switch to Child Mode
  37. [Parental Control] Add a Group in Child Mode
  38. [Notification] View Notifications Messages
  39. [GUI] Use the Overscan and the 2.35:1 Mode
  40. [GUI] Display Glass Effect on Posters
  41. [GUI] Customize the Poster Layout
  42. [GUI] Change the Graphical Theme
  43. [GUI] Display Top Covers
  44. Add a Request for a Future New Feature on Zappiti Uservoice
  45. [Translations] Manage Zappiti Video Translations
  46. [Translation] Update Translations
  47. [Advanced] Access Advanced Tasks
  48. [Advanced] Delete Empty Groups
  49. [Advanced] Become a Beta Tester
  50. [Installer Mode] Set the Installer / Integrator Mode
  51. [Installer Mode] Exhibition Mode (for Distributors And Resellers)
  52. [Display] Refresh the Seen States in Zappiti Video
  53. [Display] Change the Pictures
  54. [Features] See the Bonus
  55. [Features] Activate the Parental Control
  56. [Sort] Sort Your Items
  57. Tips and Tricks
  58. [Features] Generate a CSV file from a collection
  59. [Server] View the list of available Zappiti servers
  60. [Identification] Add a folder containing your personal videos
  61. [Identification] Cancel a movie identification
  62. [UPDATE] impossible to update Zappiti player in beta version
  63. [Group] Add a movie to an existing group
  64. [Group] Create a Movie Group

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