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[Features] Black Screen Issue on a Windows Computer

If you encounter only a black screen when you launch Zappiti Video, follow these steps in order to fix the issue :
  • Update your graphics card and its drivers.
  • Install or update DirectX on your PC.
    Dowload the binary only on the official Microsoft website.
    At this time the direct link is :
  • You can also create a shortcut of the Zappiti Video app, do a right-click on the shortcut icon, and select "Settings". Then, in the "Shortcut" tab, you can add " -force-d3d9" in the end of the target field as it is displayed on this screenshot :
  • If all these solutions still don't work, you can also delete this folder :  "C:\Users\Your Username\Appdata\LocalLow\Groupe Archisoft"

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