[Sorting] Manage the Articles Used For the Video Sorting

Go in the "Settings" (remote MENU Button then choose "Settings")
In the second tab, go down to the page.

Select "Set the items to ignore in the title..."

Here, you will be able to edit in order to add or remove articles.
If you remove all the articles, the feature will be deactivated.
If you want to restore the default articles click on "Reset the list of the items..."

To save your changes, click on the OK button.

Zappiti Video [EN]

  1. Summary
  2. Zappiti Video: Quick Start Guide (Full Process)
  3. [Account] Create a Zappiti Account
  4. [Account] Connect Using an Existing Zappiti Account
  5. [Account] Reset Your Password
  6. [Account] Zappiti Cloud or Zappiti Server?
  7. [Collection] Create a Movie Collection
  8. [Collection] Import Your Collection From the Cloud to a Local Server
  9. [Collection] Switch Quickly From One Collection to Another
  10. [Collection] Delete a Collection
  11. [Homepage] Use the New Home Page Zappiti Video
  12. [Homepage] List of Modules and Operation
  13. [Homepage] Go Back to the Old Home Page
  14. [Identification] Films Not Identified by Zappiti. How to identify it
  15. [Identification] When a Movie is Incorrect, How to Identity It Again
  16. [Identification] Insert a Video Without Identifying
  17. [identification] Edit Associated Categories
  18. [Identification] Identify UHD, 4K and 3D Files
  19. [Identification] Auto Exclude Keywords From the Movie Names for Better Identification
  20. [Identification] Update Your Folders' Credentials
  21. [Identification] Choose Your Language of Identification
  22. [Identification] Add Special Episodes
  23. [Images] Use Your Own Poster/Backgrounds
  24. [Images] Zappiti Db Community: How to Share your Movie Covers and Fanarts
  25. [Zappiti Soundtrack] Use Zappiti Soundtrack Editor
  26. [Subtitle] Download Subtitles
  27. [Account] Release a Zappiti 4K Token ?
  28. [Configuration] Set Zappiti Video on Start-up
  29. [Offile Mode] Create an Offline Movie Collection for Zappiti Media Player
  30. [Network] Create a Windows Shared Folder to be Visible on Zappiti
  31. [Network] SMB1 Protocol on Windows 10
  32. [Network] Can't Access to a Windows Folder
  33. [Sorting] Manage the Articles Used For the Video Sorting
  34. [Parental Control] Add a Film in Child Mode
  35. [Parental Control] Reset the Pin CODE
  36. [Parental Control] Switch to Child Mode
  37. [Parental Control] Add a Group in Child Mode
  38. [Notification] View Notifications Messages
  39. [GUI] Use the Overscan and the 2.35:1 Mode
  40. [GUI] Display Glass Effect on Posters
  41. [GUI] Customize the Poster Layout
  42. [GUI] Change the Graphical Theme
  43. [GUI] Display Top Covers
  44. Add a Request for a Future New Feature on Zappiti Uservoice
  45. [Translations] Manage Zappiti Video Translations
  46. [Translation] Update Translations
  47. [Advanced] Access Advanced Tasks
  48. [Advanced] Delete Empty Groups
  49. [Advanced] Become a Beta Tester
  50. [Installer Mode] Set the Installer / Integrator Mode
  51. [Installer Mode] Exhibition Mode (for Distributors And Resellers)
  52. [Display] Refresh the Seen States in Zappiti Video
  53. [Display] Change the Pictures
  54. [Features] See the Bonus
  55. [Features] Activate the Parental Control
  56. [Sort] Sort Your Items
  57. Tips and Tricks
  58. [Features] Generate a CSV file from a collection
  59. [Server] View the list of available Zappiti servers
  60. [Identification] Add a folder containing your personal videos
  61. [Identification] Cancel a movie identification
  62. [UPDATE] impossible to update Zappiti player in beta version
  63. [Group] Add a movie to an existing group
  64. [Group] Create a Movie Group

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