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[Features] List of Modules and Operation

Here is the list of modules (updated on 19/06/2018) :

By putting these modules on showcase, you will have quick access to certain sections of Zappiti Video :

Provides access to your movies and sagas.
This module can not be disabled or deleted.

Displays all of your series.

Displays videos ordered by identification date.

Offers movies or episodes based on the latest visualization status changes.
For example, if a movie or episode switches to the "In Progress" status, it will appear at the top of the Next module.
If an episode or movie of a Saga switches to "Seen" status, the video "In progress" or "Unseen" that follows will appear in the Next module.

Visualization status modules : unseen, in progress, seen
Displays movies and series according to the viewing status.

Top Movies
Provides access to the highest rated videos.

Displays the different groups created.

Provides access to authorized videos for children.

The modules related to a category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, 3D, 4K ...
Displays the videos belonging to the corresponding category.

Some modules can not be showcased :

Displays the alphabetical section.

Displays all available categories.

Zappiti Explorer (only available on Zappiti 4K / 4K HDR Series)  
Launch Zappiti Explorer from Zappiti Video

Zappiti Music (only available on Zappiti 4K / 4K HDR Series)
Launch Zappiti Music from Zappiti Video

Only available for Zappiti DV Series

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