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[Collection] Create a Video Collection

Warning ! If you are a new user, please follow the complete procedure to create a video collection by clicking here.

When you select a server, Zappiti automatically creates a collection by default but you can create as many as you like.
You can easily switch from one collection to another from the Zappiti Video MENU.

If you are already in a collection, from the Zappiti Video MENU select "Logout...".  

You can also do Back at the login step to your collection.   

On the login page go to Collections :  

select and confirm "Add a collection...".

You can indicate the folders you want to scan :

You can navigate to the Movies folder (or Series), then click the Validate button at the bottom of the window once inside the folder you want to add.

Your folder will be added to the list of folders to scan.

Once you have added your folder(s), exit this screen by pressing the Return key on the remote control or pressing OK.
If you use your computer, Zappiti Video will start a scan and will reference all your video files located in the previously specified Movies folder.

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