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[Identification] Use TMDb ID to identify your movie or tv show

1. Open your favorite Internet browser such as Google Chrome (on a computer, smartphone or tablet), then go to tmdb.

2. Use the search engine to find your movie in the movie database.


3. Then, on the movie page, locate the ID code in the URL. For instance, the URL of the movie "Ad Astra" will be "".

4. Write the ID code number of your movie on a paper. For instance, the ID code number of the movie "Ad Astra" is "419704".

5. Then return back to Zappiti and enter the ID number into the field instead of the title name in the identification window using the digital buttons (1-9). Then press the "Search" button. Zappiti will find the right movie at 100%.


Click on the title to identify it.

Done ! Your movie will be correctly identified and added to your collection. You can find it easily in the RECENT section.

Every time you will identify manually a movie or a TV show episode,
you will contribute to improving the Zappiti database.

If your movie is still not identified, you can add it manually. Click here for more info...

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