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[Video] SDR instead of HDR

1. Connect the device live to the TV. This will see if the problem comes from the AV Receiver.

2. Restart the device.

3. Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable.

4. If it still does not work, try changing the HDMI cable using the one supplied with the unit.

5. If it still does not work, try a Factory Reset (MyApps / Factory Reset).

6. If that still does not work, try the Firmware Restore procedure:

Then do a Factory Reset, then wait 5 minutes and restart the player.

- You can also try another TV if you have the possibility.
- If you are using an AV receiver, please make sure that your AV receiver is compatible HDR. Some AV Receiver are compatible with 4K but not with HDR.

If this still does not work, contact Zappiti Support.

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