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[Video] Fix Banding on HDR Content

If your TV shows Banding effects, it is very likely that this is related to an improper setup problem. In this case, here are some solutions:

1. TVs, Projectors, AV Receivers

Most 4K TVs offer only 2 (or 3) truly 10-bit input inputs. In general, this on the HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 inputs, but this may be other inputs on some brands (input 2 and 3 on Sony TVs). We strongly advise you to use one of these HDMI inputs. However, it is not enough to simply connect your Zappiti player to one of these inputs because by default, most TVs turn off the default broadband. This mode must therefore be activated for all the inputs concerned. On some TVs, this is set independently on each HDMI input (as at Samsung for example), while for other brands, this is set once and for all for all HDMI inputs involved.

Sony 4K Projectors:
Please set the HDMI Settings in Enhanced mode.
Then, go to Expert settings, and set the Smooth Gradation option as "smooth".

Sony UHD TVs:
Go to External Inputs / HDMI Signal Format / then, select Enhanced Format.

Panasonic UHD TVs:
In HDMI Auto Setup, select mode 2 for the HDMI input on which your Zappiti is connected.

Yamaha 4K AV Receivers
HDMI 4K (4K Mode) 
> Select MODE 1

Denon 4K AV Receivers
Setup / Video / Format / 4K Signal  > Set as "Enhanced

Lumagen Radiance
En cas de problème, nous vous conseillons de choisir une résolution maxi de 3840x2160x30Hz, car à partir de 
50Hz le problème de banding peut apparaître. En choisissant 1080p 60Hz et 10Bits, c'est parfait. 
En effet, le Radiance a des limitations en terme de débit sur les bus d'entrée HDMI. 


On the Zappiti player, we recommand the following settings:

- Resolution / Frequency: Auto (Settings / Display)
- Deep color: 10-bit (Settings / Developer Options)
- Color Space: YCbCr 4:4:4 (Settings / Developer Options)

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