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[Collection] Move collections from one NAS to another one (Synology, Asustor)

Prerequisites :

Step 1 : Connection

Open WinScp. On first launch, it might asks you which layout you want to use. Select "Command" mode.

Like the image above, click on "New Site" then type the local ip address of you nas server (green), an user with admin privileges (orange) and his password (yellow). Click on "Login" (blue).

A new warning window should now appear.

Click "Yes". Here you are now with the main window of the application.

Step 2 : Saving

The left explorer shows your computer while the right explorer illustrates the remote one, your NAS server. On the right-side. Double-Click as much as necessary on the entry ".." (Parent directory) until you reach the folder "volume1".

Locate the folder "Zappiti-Server" and right-click on it and choose "Download...".

Notice : If you can't find target folder, it might be in another folder named "volume#" (where # is a number)

Set where you want to save it on your computer and click "OK".

Step 3 - Loading 

First of all, check if the Zappiti Server is not running on your new server before doing the next steps.
Repeat Step 1 but this time target your new server.

Oh the right explorer (the server one), go to the folder "volume1" located on root if it exists or any folder like this one (volume2 for example). If this folder already contains a folder named "Zappiti-Server", delete it. If an error occurs when trying to delete the folder. Please check out step Alpha.

Then on the left explorer (your computer), locate the folder "Zappiti-Server" you saved earlier, right-click on it and select "Upload" and validate by clicking "OK".

Once upload done, launch Zappiti Server and connect to it from your Player or any client with Zappiti Video to access your collections freshly moved.

Etape Alpha - Issue when deleting folder Zappiti-Server on new NAS

If you can't delete the folder Zappiti-Server on new NAS, the error returned must be a Permission Denied error.

On the image above, the data underlined in red is about file permissions (read, write, execute). For each character from left to right :
- r means owner can read the folder
- w means owner can write the folder
- x means owner can execute the folder (this applies on files only)
- r means group can read the folder
- w means group can modify folder In this case, the w is missing. This right is denied.
- x means group can execute the folder
- r means other users can read the folder
- w means other users can write the folder Same case
- x means other users can execute the folder

The owner is the super-user root and we are connected as another user. Even if this user has admin privileges, it's insufficient.

We need to connect with ssh and do stuff in order to allow uploading folder Zappiti-Server. If your are on Windows, get the application PuTTY here :
For Mac users, launch Terminal (located by default in LaunchPad/Others/Terminal)

Once PuTTY launched, you get a window like above, type the ip address of your NAS (the one you want to put Zappiti-Server on) and click "Open". For Mac users, type command ssh [user]@[nas_ip_adress] et press Return. If it asks you to confirm yes or no. Type yes and validate.

Now use credentials you used in WinSCP (or CyberDuck). Next type command sudo -i to gain root access (you can check after with the command whoami).

Remove the Zappiti-Server folder by typing rm -Rf /volume1/Zappiti-Server (replace volume1 by volume2 or something else if the folder Zappiti-Server was indeed there).

Type command chmod 777 /volume1 (same remark as above) for giving write access to everyone.

You can now upload the folder Zappiti-Server from your PC to your NAS with WinSCP or CyberDuck. Once done, type command chmod 755 /volume1 to restore privileges.

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