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[UPDATE] Impossible to Update Zappiti player in Beta Version

If Zappiti Video cannot open your collection and tells you that you need to use the latest version, it's probably because you have the beta on your tablet but you don't have the beta on your player. In this case, follow these steps : 

On your tablet, open Zappiti Video, then go to the control panel, on tools tab, then go down to Source update, and replace "Release" with "Beta".

Then, on your player, restart Zappiti video. The beta version will be proposed to you. So you can install it without any trouble.

If you want to switch back to Release for future versions, you must move the Source update selector back to "Release"
When the next version will comes in official version, install it on your player. Then, uninstall the Zappiti Video Control app on your tablet and reinstall the official version (release).

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