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[Problems] Firewall Settings for Zappiti Server on Windows

Zappiti Server needs to use port 8777 in UDP to be visible on your network.

To allow Zappiti to use the connection, follow these steps :

1. Go to Windows Firewall Advanced Settings (Control Panel> System and Security> Firewall> Advanced Settings).
2. Then go to "outgoing traffic rules".
3. Create a new rule for a "port".
4. Select the type of "UDP" port (not TCP).
5. Enter the port number 8777.
6. Authorize the connection.
7. Save.
8. Do the same for "Inbound Rules".

Zappiti asks Windows for permission to listen for incoming connections on port 8777 in TCP
(It is possible to use another port from the Zappiti Server interface) :

1. In a console, in administrator mode, type :
2. netsh, then http, then show urlacl. An entry list will appear with reserved URL.
3. Zappiti creates the following entry : http://+:8777/
4. Delete this entry by typing : delete urlacl http://+:8777/
5. Also delete other entries that may conflict.
6. Restart Zappiti Server in administrator mode.
7. Check that Zappiti has created the entry http://+:8777/ and that all the icons are now green in the Zappiti Server interface.

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