[Features] Add Personal Subtitles

External subtitles track (basic method)

If Zappiti can not download the subtitles, you can download it on the Internet and manually add it to your collection. The subtitles file must be named in the same way as the movie and placed in the same folder as the movie file. For example :


Note : Using this method, subtitles have to be selected manually in the subtitles list.

External subtitles with language presentation and preselection

To see subtitles language(s) appearing in the subtitles menu list, specify the language preceded by a space (or dot) at the end of the subtitles file title.




Forced external subtitles

To use forced subtitles, simply place your subtitles file in the same folder as the movie and rename it as below :


Note : it is possible to use a forced subtitles track in addition to other subtitles tracks. In this case, if you have selected the language for forced subtitles in the default subtitles language (Advanced menu being played), the forced subtitles track will be selected by default.

Multiple external subtitles

It is possible to associate several subtitles files to a movie. To do this, specify the language in each subtitles file as for the example below:

Metropolis.en-US.srt (for English)
Metropolis.es-ES.srt (for Spanish)
Metropolis.fr-FR.srt (for French)
Metropolis.it-IT.srt (for Italian)

Italic subtitles

Italic subtitles tags are not supported by Zappiti in SRT type files. Although there are italic tags in some SRT files, this is not the official standards subtitles. If your SRT or ASS, SSA subtitles contain italic tags, they are ignored and the italics are displayed in straight characters. To take advantage of italic subtitles, you can use standard italic subtitles files such as PGS (.sup) or IDX (.sub / .idx) standards that are fully compatible with the italic aspect.

To use PGS subtitles as external subtitles, please use the .sup extension.

To convert your external subtitles files to PGS, we recommend the use of easySUP.

You can integrate them into your video files via tsMuxeR, multiAVCHD, Scenarist or other.

How to download subtitles with Zappiti

Zappiti Media Center has a function to download subtitles. To download a subtitles file, follow these steps:
1. Start your Zappiti 4K HDR.
2. Click on the first icon called Zappiti, to launch Zappiti Media Center.
3. Select a movie.
4. Press the MENU button on your remote.
5. Select the subtitles file you want from the list.

Note : By default, downloaded subtitles are saved in basic mode (please refer to the top of the page). But you can rename it using a computer or Zappiti Explorer to use multiple subtitles or to display the language of the downloaded subtitles.

Manually download subtitles on the Internet

Main subtitles databases:
opensubtitles.org (be careful there is a lot of spams!)

Note : By default, the player displays external subtitles if they are present even when you have chosen a default subtitles language.
External subtitles always prevail over others (since firmware version 3.06 of the Zappiti 4K HDR family of media players).

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