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[Problem] Problem, error messages when you launch a video

If you try to launch a video and you got an error message as "cannot read the video" or "impossible to access the file", it can be provoced by several causes :

1) "cannot read the video"
video or audio codecs are not supported by the Player.
On PC and Mac, problem can be resolved, you have to download concerned codecs.
On Player 4K and HD, codecs supported are listed into "Caractéristiques techniques" on this page :

2) "Impossible to access the file" : 
Different possible causes :

1. Maybe the device which contains your videos is unreachable (off or disconnected...).
2. Maybe video file has been renamed, moved or erased.
Try to launch again an "identification" of your files. Check on your side if the file exist on the right place.
3. If the file is on an external hard drive, check it is correctly connected to the device which is supposed to play it.
4. Maybe the server is stopped or have an issue. To be sure, don't hesitate to restart it.
5. If you use a Player 4K, restart it too.
6. Maybe your shared files passwords and ID has been modified. To be sure, edit your folders in Zappiti settings. Type your ID and password again.

If you still have any issue after checking these things, contact us using this support form : 

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