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[Video] PIP and HDMI Video Recording

The Zappiti 4K HDR devices feature a HDMI 2.0 input with a recording function and PIP (Picture in Picture).
To access this function, press the yellow button (Y) of the Zappiti remote control. You can also access it via HOME / MY APPS / HDMIRecorder.

Displaying fullscreen for HDMI IN 
To display the thumbnail in fullscreen, click on it. And if you want to display the video in a small thumbnail again, press the "BACK" button.

PIP (Picture in Picture)
To display PIP mode, click on the dedicated button named "START PIP" which is placed bottom right of the screen. A PIP icon will be displayed in the thumbnail. You can also go back on the homepage and launch apps, and you still can see HDMI IN image. If you want to move the PIP thumbnail, use a mouse from a computer.
To deactivate the PIP function, press the yellow button (Y) of the remote control, then press the "STOP PIP" button on the bottom right of the interface.

Video recording
Click on the dedicated button on the bottom right of the interface named "START RECORD" if you want to record.
You can personalize many options :
- Recording resolution
- Output format
- Framerate
- Bitrate
- Samplerate
- Channel count
- And the path of the file

In order to select the destination of the recording file, please connect a drive, then click on the patch. You'll be able to select the drive you want to use for the recording.

Warning ! Only the video contents not protected by HDCP can be recorded.

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