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[File Operation] Select - Copy - Cut - Paste any files or folders

Using Zappiti Explorer you can copy, cut, and paste any files and/or folders where you want.

To do that, go on the file or the folder concerned, press the MENU button of your remote control, then you can choose to copy the file or the folder selecting the "Copy" option.

You can also choose to cut it if you want to move it on another place, selecting the "Cut" option.

Then you can paste it where you want selecting the "Paste" option.

For an easy way to proceed, if you have a very long list of files and/or folders, you also can choose the "Select the file" option, using this option on each file and/or folder, one by one, that you need to pick precisely. Then, they will be colored in Yellow color into the list. Now you should be able to copy or cut them, and to paste them where you need.

And if you need to copy or cut the whole content of a folder, you can choose to select the "Select all" option for being able to cut or copy all the files or folders that you can see on the list, all in the same time.

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