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[Video] Change the Region of a Blu-ray Disc With Menu

WARNING ! This process can work only for Blu-ray discs if they had a Blu-ray menu.  

Your Blu-ray could come from another region than yours.

In this case, when you will try to play it, an error message should appear so you will see this type of screen :

The error message can be different depending of the editor, such as "WARNING this bluray is only compatible with a Region B device" (this example is for a Blu-ray disc from region B, and a player configured on region A).

To change the région, you need to press 1, 2 or 3 button of your remote control, in order to select the region A, B or C, when you are in front of this error message.
Player will relaunch the video file with its menu in the right region.

Region codes of a Blu-ray Disc :
  • Zone A (button A) : North America, South America, US territories, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian regions.
  • Zone B (button B) : Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand
  • Zone C (button C) : Asia (excluding Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other parts of Southeast Asia)
  • No zone : This is not an official naming. Discs without geographical restriction have no symbol and no region indicated.

NOTE : Region codes for commercial movies are on the back of the Blu-ray cover but some mistakes can occur on some covers.

Blu-ray disc UHD are not limited to regions. They can be played on all the players that are compatible with this technology. DVD with menus from any regions are played without any user operation.

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