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[Video] 24.000 Hz Files > Stutter and incompatibilities

In video, the 24 Hz cinema frequency is converted to 23.976 Hz for historical reasons. Originally, since TVs used analog display technologies based on the electrical current frequency of 59.94 Hz in the USA, and 50 Hz in Europe, the display frequency of the films was adapted to fit these frequencies.

The video display standard is therefore 23.976 Hz. Most television manufacturers therefore comply with these standards.
However, some publishers or directors (Luc Besson with Europacorp for example) have always passed these standards, claiming that only the frequency 24.000 Hz allowed to enjoy the film in their original frequency. Since this frequency is not part of the video standards, the 24.000 Hz files are not compatible with some TVs.

To work around this problem, manufacturers of video decode chips from Blu-ray players and media players are converting the 24.000 Hz signal to 23.976 Hz. This is the case when we select automatic mode on the display mode of Zappiti Players. But this conversion is not miraculous and generates micro stutters of "catch-up" every several min.

By using Zappiti's "Source Direct" mode, the original frequency of the 24.000 Hz source is actually kept and sent as is. If your TV is compatible, the signal will be accepted and displayed smoothly. If your TV is not compatible, the file will not start. If this happens to you, just temporarily disable Source Direct mode.

You can also try disabling 24Hz auto framerate in settings > display.

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