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[Video] Best Video Settings

Recommended video settings:

Dynamic Range: Limitted (Settings / Display)

Deep Color: 10-Bit (Settings / Developer Options)

Color Space: Y'CbCr 4:4:4 (Settings / Developer Options)

These settings guarantee perfect shades in HDR gradients and a perfectly smooth picture on 23.976p HDR movies. Finally, these settings correct the problem of blacks gray on MKV encoded in HDR.  

The optimum parameters for the image adjustments are as follows:
Brightness = +1
Contrast = -1
Hue = 0
Saturation = 0

Warning! Do not activate the HDMI / DP Different Source option in the Developer Options.

Be aware that 24.000p video files are converted in 23.976p when using some displays that are not fully compatible with this specific cinema frequency. In fact, the 24.000 Hz is not part of video rules and specifications (only supported in professional  video and motion picture industry). Only the 23.976Hz is part of the video rules and specifications. So this is why some displays are not compatible with this frequency. To force 24.000 Hz output on 24.000p sources, please activate the Source Direct option in "MyApps / Service / Source Direct". But in this case, please make sure that your display is fully compatible with 24.000 Hz before to display 24.000p files. In case of convertion, the 24.000p files can present some judder effects every several minutes (frame drop) to compensate the missing frames of the framerate.

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