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[Video] Image Drop Out : Codecs

Some video codecs are not supported correctly by the Realtek RTD1295 chip even with the latest patches and SDKs.

List of codecs with jerks:
- VC-1 (Advanced @ L3)
- H.264 / x264 / AVC High@L4.0
- H.264 / x264 / AVC High @ L4

List of codecs that do not show jerks:
- H.264 / x264 / AVC High@L4.1 (90% of Blu-ray are encoded in this format)
- H.265 / x265 / HEVC (whatever the type of profile)
- DIVX5 / 6/7/8/9/10
- MPEG-2

The case of H.264 / AVC in 4K:
The H.264 codec was designed to encode files in 1080p at the time for the Blu-ray format. It has never been done to encode files in 4K. The Realtek RTD1295 chip therefore perfectly supports very high bit rates (over 90 Mbps) in H.264 / AVC in resolution up to 1080p; but in 4K, the decoding has saccades. The chip is able to read only H.264 encoded 4K files at 8 bits up to 24p and with a maximum bit rate of 20 Mbps. Beyond this, it is imperative to use the HEVC / H.265 / x265 codec.

To find the codec version of a video file, playing on the Zappiti, press the INFO button on the remote control, then use the DOWN arrow on the remote control to scroll through the technical information.

To re-encode your files, we recommend the free Handbrake software.

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