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[Video] Blu-ray Menu Cannot be Read = Play Additional Content

There are Blu-ray discs, such as those encoded by Universal, Fox and Lionsgate studios, which sometimes use advanced encryption or encoding codes that make them incompatible with some players. These specific menus can be unreadable on our Zappiti players, and only the movie file is directly launched.
In fact, on Zappiti players, Blu-ray menus in Java BD are virtualized into Java Android to be displayed, which requires a lot of processor resources. For this reason, some menus cannot be displayed perfectly because they are too complex.

Alternative solution :

To be able to read this additional content (Bonus, making-of, bloopers, cut scenes, etc.), you just need to press the MENU button on your remote control when playing the video file concerned, then select the "BD Title " tab. Here you can find the additional content of the Blu-ray.

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