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[Network/Transfer] Impossible to access to some HDDs in SMB from PC/Mac

If you have multiple hard drives connected to your Zappiti drive but some of them do not appear on the network, it is probably because the paths are identical for several drives. There is a solution to fix this. 

1. Turn on your Zappiti player. 

2. Go to Settings (or press the GREEN button of your Zappiti RC).

3. Go to More.

4. Go to Openwrt Settings.

5. Go to Advanced settings.

6. Activate the virtual mouse on your Zappiti remote control or connect a computer mouse. Then click on Login using the mouse.

7. Click NAS Services to open the drop-down menu. Then click on Samba.

8. Go down in the page using the wheel of your mouse. If you are using the virtual mouse, deactivate the virtual mouse (mouse button on your remote control), then use the DOWN ARROW button on your remote control.

You will see a table appear with several lines corresponding to the sharing of all your hard disks. If the hard drives have the same name and the same network share ID, only the first in the list will go up on the network. You must therefore edit the network share names and identifiers so that they are all different.

By default, hard drives have the name sda1. You can rename the others to sda2, sda3, ... or sdb1, sdc1, sdd1, ...

To do this, reactivate the virtual mouse (or use your computer mouse) and click on the Edit button located at the end of the line of hard disks to be edited.

9. Edit the name and the path using the virtual keyboard (or a physical computer keyboard connected to the Zappiti).

10. Apply the changes by clicking on the Save & Apply button. Then press Back button of  your Zappiti RC to Overview to return to the list of hard drives. Do the same for all affected disks. Then exit OpenWRT using Back button of your Zappiti RC. To finish the process, restart the Zappiti.

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