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Zappiti Player Firmware Restore (Sigma Designs)

Zappiti Player / Zappiti Player Mini (Sigma Designs)

Firmware update process:

Check the firmware version of your Zappiti Player
1. Start your Zappiti Player.
2. Press "SETUP" button of your RC.
3. In the SETUP menu, go down the page with PAGE-, then select "i" icon and press ENTER.
4. On the info page, you'll find the firmware version.

Updating process

1. Download the firmware file here below. The firmwares are compressed in ZIP file (".zip").
2.Uncompress the ZIP file. You can do it with WinZip, or other softwares (WinRar, 7z, ...). You'll get a ".dff" file.
3. Connect the flash memory to your computer.
4. Wait until the flash memory mount on your computer.
5. Copy and past the ".dff" on the flash memory root.
6. Unplug the flash memory from the comuter.
7. Connect the flash memory to a free USB Host port of your Zappiti Player. WARNING! Please disconnect all your other devices and HDD (internal / external) connected to your Zappiti Player before to start the firmware update process.
8. Start your Zappiti Player. Note : more info on Zappiti Player Quick Start Guide
9. Wait until the end of the stating up process.
10. Select your flash memory with UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT buttons of your Zappiti Player RC. Then, press ENTER.
11. Select the firmware update file (.dff). Then, press ENTER.
12. Several messages will appear on the screen. Select OK and press ENTER on every screen.
13. Please wait until the end of the upgrade process.
14. A message "Restart" will appear. Select OK then press ENTER. Please wait 40 sec.
15. The main menu will appear again. The firmware upgrade process is done.
16. Unplug the flash memory and enjoy!

NOTE : it is possible to upgrade the firmware via Ethernet or Wi-Fi directly from the Zappiti Player.

Recovery procedure after firmware update crash

In case of firmware upgrade crash (e.g. the player is switched off during firmware upgrade), firmware recovery is possible in most cases. IMPORTANT! Thank you to carefully read all of this procedure first! Then please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time.

Perform the following steps:

1. Put a firmware DFF file at the top level of a USB flash drive (preferably use exactly the same firmware version as was attempted to install during the failed upgrade).
2. Rename the firmware DFF file on the USB flash drive into "dune_firmware.dff".
3. Switch the player off (using the power button on the player).
4. Attach the USB flash drive with the "dune_firmware.dff" file to the player.
5. Switch the player on.
The player should detect the USB flash drive and automatically start firmware recovery procedure. You should see "RECOVER", "CHK 0", "CHK 1"... "CHK 99", "REC 0", "REC 1"... "REC 99", "OK", "EJECT STORAGE AND REBOOT" messages on the front panel of the player.
On an error, a message "ERR ..." is displayed on the front penal of the player. Possible error codes:
- "ERR Ann", "ERR Bnn", "ERR Cnn": A problem with the "dune_firmware.dff" (the file is invalid/broken, the file corresponds to a wrong player model, the file can not be read from the USB drive, etc).
- "ERR Dnn", "ERR Enn": A problem during data copying (e.g. the USB drive disconnected during data copying).
6. Detach the USB flash drive from the player, and delete the "dune_firmware.dff" file from it (do not attach the USB flash drive with this file to the player when you switch the player on, otherwise, the player will attempt to recover the firmware again).
7. Switch the player off (using the power button on the player).
8. Switch the player on. The recovered firmware should load in the usual way.

If this procedure does not solve your issues, please follow this process:
1. Rename your USB drive with the name "recovery".
2. Download the firmware version b5, then install it by following the recovery firmware procedure.
3. Reset the Zappiti Player to factory default settings in the Settings panel.
4. Restart the player.
5. Install normally the latest firmware.


> Zappiti Player firmware version "140430_0849_b8"

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