[App] libSmartPlayer: DSD128, WAV 352 kHz

Zappiti Music and Zappiti Explorer are not compatible with DSD files (.dff and .dsf). But you can install libSmartPlayer app to play your DSD files. You can even enjoy native playback of 352.8 kHz files with your Zappiti if you use a USB DAC! LibSmartPlayer recognizes file tags and album covers.

Warning! Only local playback on internal or external hard drive is possible (no network playback possible).

To install the app

libSmartPlayer, do the following: 

1. Please download the following file and place it on a USB stick (NTFS, Linux, OSX or FAT32).
> libSmartPlayer...

Warning! Internet Explorer does not properly download .apk files. Please use another web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. Connect the USB key to the Zappiti.

3. Switch ON your Zappiti.

4. On the main page (home page), click on "MyApps".

5. Click on "Media Browser".

6. Click on the button on the right using the OK button and browse to the USB stick.

7. Locate the APK file and click on it with the OK button. Then follow the onscreen action to complete the installation.

8. After installation, the application will be located in MyApps.

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