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[Video] Video Dropout / Stuttering: How To Fix It

If you experience video stuttering issues, we invite you to check the following points:

1. If you own a plasma television (Panasonic or Pioneer for example), disabling 24p auto framerate may give better results (Settings > Display).

2. If your stuttering problem concerns 4K HDR movies at 60 fps (Billy Lynn, Gemini Man), try to use an SDD drive.

3. If your files are on a NAS server, we invite you to try to place some files on a hard disk connected by USB (or internal). If it works, there is a problem on your local network or a network switch problem.

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4. If your jerky files are located on an internal or external hard drive, try moving them to another hard drive or a large USB drive. If that works, try to partition your bad hard drive. Otherwise, try reformatting it to ExFAT. If that does not fix the problem, repair it using computer repair tools or replace it.

5. If you are using an AV receiver, try connect your Zappiti directly to your TV with the HDMI cable supplied with the Zappiti. If it works, try with your previous cable but still directly to your TV. If does not work, the cable must be replaced. This can happen if the cable of great length. If it works, there is probably a problem with the second cable or with your AV amp.

6. Try to set your player to YCbCr 4:4:4 Color Space / 10-bit Deep Color (Settings > Display). On 1080p TVs, the 4:4:4 RGB mode may give better results (but only on some 1080p TVs and projectors).

7. If you have stuttering on files encoded at 24,000p, it is probably because your TV is not natively compatible with the 24,000 Hz frequency (it is not part of the video standards). In this case, re-encode those files to 23.976p or try to turn off Auto Framerate (Settings > Display) and Direct Output (My Apps > Service) options.

8.Try setting the dynamic range setting (HDMI Range Mode) to Auto instead of 16-235 (Settings > Display). On some configurations, this completely resolves the stuttering issues.

9. If you have problems with stuttering every 13 min, it is probably related to a problem with the VC-1 or AVC High @ L4 codec. or L4.0. In this case, re-encode these files in AVC High@L4.1 (eg with Handbrake). The jerks will disappear.

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