Synology models and architectures compatibles with Zappiti Server

There are many models of Synology with many different corresponding architectures.
Zappiti Server is not compatible with all existing architectures, so it is necessarily compatible with all Synology models.
Here is the list of all the package architectures that are compatibles with Zappiti Server :

- X86
- X64
- RTD1296
- Qoriq
- Monaco
- Hi3535
- Grantley
- Evansport
- DockerX64
- Denverton
- Comcerto2k
- Cedarview
- Bromolow
- Broadwell
- Braswell
- Avoton
- ArmadaXP
- Armada375
- Armada370
- Armada38x
- Apollolake
- Alpine
- 88f6281

To verify which Synology model correspond to this or that architecture, you can check this page showing the list of all Synology models on the market, with their corresponding architecture :

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