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[Network] Install and launch Zappiti Server on PC

Zappiti Server is not available for Mac.

On a PC, you can download the Zappiti Video and Zappiti Server apps, clicking on this link :

Once the app is downloaded, launch it to install it.

The process installs Zappiti Video AND Zappiti Server.

Now, to launch this server on your PC, you have to open Zappiti Server app.

To open it, if you don't see the icon in shortcut on your Windows desktop after the install, click on the search field in the Windows task bar, or on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen, then write "Zappiti Server" to localize it.


When you launch Zappiti Server, there is no opening window, just a little green icon appearing in the Windows taskbar to the right, as you can see on this little screenshot :

If you don't see this icon, you can verify that the server is running normally opening your Windows "task manager", you can localize it as you can see on this screenshot :

Once the Zappiti server is correctly launched on your PC, to create your collection on it you can follow the process described in this article :

To find the data of your collection(s) saved on your local server, if you want to copy or to keep a backup save of these data, you have to find the "Zappiti" folder following this path on your PC :
(C:) > User > {Username} > AppData > Local
(The Appdata folder can be a hidden folder)
This "Zappiti" folder, located in the "Local" folder, it contains all the data from your collection(s)

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