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[Audio] No sound on the AAC, MP3, soundtracks, or YouTube

Depending on the type of sound played, some are sent to your amp or sound bar in bitstream and some others in LPCM. The volume controls only affect the LPCM. In bitstream, the sound is sent as is, not decoded. The sound volume can therefore only be adjusted with the remote control of your amplifier or your sound bar.

Consequently, if you have accidentally lowered the sound volume on your Zappiti, there will still be sound on your bitstream (RAW) audio streams such as DTS for example, but there will be no sound on the trailers, playback of audio files such as MP3, YouTube, soundtracks (soundtracks on posters) and movies recorded with an AAC soundtrack.

To have sound again, simply return the sound volume to its initial position using the VOL+ button on the Zappiti remote control.

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