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[GUI] Problem of movie playback ("Unable to play the video" or "Unable to access the file"

If you try to launch a video and obtain an error message like "unable to play the video" or "unable to access the file", multiple things can cause this problem.

1) Unable to play the video : Videos / audios codecs are not supported by the video player.
On PC / MAC, the problem can be resolved by downloading necessary codecs.

2) Unable to access the file : File are not accessible 

Several possible causes :

1. Device that stores your movies may not be not accessible (off, diconnected)
2. Video file may have been renamed, moved or deleted
Try to launch an "identification" of your files. Check if the file still exists in the specified location. 
3. If the file is on a external drive, check if he is connected to the device
4. Server is stopped or encounter a problem. To be sure reboot him.
5. Reboot your player
6. The credentials of the sharing folder may have been changed. To be sure, edit your folders in the Zappiti settings. 

If you still have any issue after checking these things, contact us using this support form :

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