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[Network/Transfer] No Access to the Computer From Zappiti Media Player

If your computer doesn't appear into the network list through one of the Zappiti apps, it can be a network configuration issue.

You can check these tips:
  • Devices have to be located on the same local network.
  • Control Windows network options.
    We cannot make a list with all options which can be te reasons.
    However, important parameters to check should be in section "network and sharing center", or "Windows homegroup" or other similar designations.
  • Be sure that there is no third party app which interferes into the dialog between the computer and the local network.
    A program which is too restrictive could prevent the device to be detected by the other devices of the network.
  • Check if the Zappiti media player and the computer are on the same subnet.
    To know it, control the IP adresses of each one.
    They are usually named like this : 192.168.X.Y (for example : or
    If the penultimate numbre (0 in case of is not identical, so the two devices are not on the same subnet.
    To resolve that, you have to reorganize your local network or assign static IP addresses using your router (with MAC address).
  • Switch off all your devices from your network, then restart if again one by one, begin with your internet box or router
You can also manually put your IP address on the device in our apps to be able to access it without automatic network discovery.

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