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[App] Fast Task Killer to kill apps and services in background

Since firmware version v3.15, the All Task Killer button has disappeared. If it is important for you to be able to stop running applications, we recommend installing the "Fast Task Killer" app, which allows you to kill all running tasks and services as well as apps running in one single click.

Installation procedure:

1. Download the APK file by clicking on the link below:


2. Then transfer the file to a USB flash drive (NTFS or FAT32 of the size you want).

3. Turn on your Zappiti player.

4. On the home page of the Zappiti player, launch Zappiti Explorer app (it also works with MediaBrowser located in My Applications > MyApps).

5. Explore the USB flash drive.

6. Locate the APK file, then click on it and follow the procedure on the screen to complete the installation.

7. The app will be installed and located in My Apps.

To create a shortcut on the homepage, go to the homepage, then click on the "+" button locatted on the bottom of the page. Then click select the Fast Task Killer and press OK button of your RC.

To remove the shortcut, go on it then press MENU button of your RC, then click on the trash icon.

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