[RC] Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature [RC]Remote Control General Presentation

1. LIGHT: Turn on the backlight of the remote control.
2. POWER: Toggle power ON/OFF.
3. TV SECTION: Programmable buttons to control TV or other external device
4-5. POWER ON/OFF: Discrete power ON/OFF.
6. DIMMER: Toggle front OLED screen ON/OFF(future option).
7. DELETE: Delete / Change home template.
8-9. PREV/NEXT: Go to the previous/next chapter.
10. ZOOM: Zoom In / Out (overscan).
11-12.-60/+60:Timeline navigation (-/+ 60 sec.).
13-14.-10/+10:Timeline navigation (-/+ 10 sec.).
15. 3D:Open the 3D settings.
16. ASP. RATIO: Switch the Aspect Ratio.
17. STOP: Stop video playback.
18. PLAY/PAUSE: Start / Pause playback.
19-20. UP: Next file(Explorer).DOWN: Previous file Explorer).
21-22.LEFT/RIGHT: Timeline navigation (-/+1 min).
23. HOME: Go to Main Menu (Home Page).
24. MOUSE: Switch to the virtual mouse mode.
25. MENU: Show / Hide the pop-up menu.
26. BACK: Return or Stop playback.19-22. ARROWS:Navigate menu selection.
27. OK: Enter or validate the current item.
28-29. VOLUME +/-:Increase / Decrease volume.
30. REPEAT: Repeat playback (file, all, off).
31. INFO: Show / Hide the pop-up info (properties).
32-33. PAGE+/-:Timeline navigation (+/-10 sec).
34. ZAPPITI: Zappiti Video shortcut.
35. MUTE: Mute audio.
36. EXPLORER: Zappiti Explorer shortcut.
37. NUMBER Buttons:- 1-9: direct access to 10-90% (video playback or movie list).- 0: Restart from the beginning (video playback or movie list)  
38. SUBTITLE: Subtitle switch.
39. AUDIO: Audio track switch.
40. RED (A): Contextual shortcut.
41. GREEN (B): Contextual shortcut.
42. YELLOW (C): Contextual shortcut.
43. BLUE (D): Contextual shortcut  

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