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[App] How to install Roon on Zappiti

/!\ /!\ /!\ Please note that this is a "tweak" and not a stable version because Zappiti players do not work in Roon multiroom mode in a stable way.

To install Roon on your player, please follow the steps below : 

1/ Download the APK from the following website:
Then copy the file on a USB flash drive.

2/ Plug the USB flash drive on your player, then launch Zappiti Explorer and click on “RoonMobileApk”.

3/ Validate the dialog boxes necessary to continue the installation.

4/ From the App menu on your Zappiti player, launch Roon (NB: It’s normal that the App stay in landscape mode).

5/Use the mouse mode on your remote to select the button “I agree”then click on it.

6/ Choose your Roon server and validate.  

7/Launch Roon Remote app from your smartphone or android/apple tablet then choose MENU > Settings and Audio

8/ In the devices list, scroll the recognize devices until you find the Zappiti player name and click on Activate.

9/ Click on the “gear” of the Zappiti player to access to your configuration

10/ Deactivate “private zone” option and click on Register


11/ When you want to play music on your Zappiti player, you will have to launch the Roon application from the Zappiti player.  

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